"I'll give up CW when I'm dead! MAYBE!" (Rick, KC8AON)

Activity from OL/ZL-105 – Jílová

I thought that my last activity this year will be the activity from OKFF-2010. Our twins wanted to celebrate their birthday with grandma and grandpa, who live in the Moravia region. The celebration was planned for the afternoon so I had a few hours to visit Jílová, again.

Activity from OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky

My wife with sons wanted to collect some mushrooms this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t know mushrooms at all, I don’t dare to collect anything because I’m sure I would poison myself. But I can choose a place that would be interesting for me – the new OKFF area. I choosed OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky. It’s […]

Activity from OKFF-1292 Budačina

Our sons spent two weeks with grandmothers/grandfathers in the Moravia region. I activated this area the next day after we arrived there. Budačina is a special place for me. It’s close to the village I come from, we visited the place with my parents when I was a small kid. It’s really nice to be back. […]

Activity from OKFF-1910 Na Plachtě

The second (and the last) area was visited during our vacation. The rest of the family had fun on the ropes course and I could go a few hundred meters to the forest to activate the area. Again, the propagation was very poor, it took quite a long time to make enough QSO and have a valid […]