"I'll give up CW when I'm dead! MAYBE!" (Rick, KC8AON)

CQRPROP 0.0.7 has been released

After a few years, we have a new release. Suddenly, images from the hamqsl server stopped loading. The website is behind something like a firewall that checks the UserAgent string. I’ve set the UserAgent to Firefox and the program works again. New files can be downloaded from https://github.com/ok2cqr/cqrprop. There are binaries and deb files for […]

Lazarus 1.4.4 for Ubuntu 14.04

Last weekend I was working on CQRLOG and builded packages of Lazarus 1.4.4 for Ubuntu 14.04. It was compiled with FPC version 2.6.4 that is available in the same repository on Launchpad. Enjoy!

HF propagation to your Linux desktop

I’m sure, you already know an excellent HF propagation images from http://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html provided by Paul, N0NBH. There are some apps to show propagation on Windows and Mac desktop. I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux for years and also would like to have the image on my desktop as well.

How to change CTRL+ALT hotkeys in VMware Player

You probably know the VMware player – a freeware virtualization software package from VMware. You can create your own microgaming casinos in new zealand virtual machines for free. It doesn’t support features such as Teams, multiple snapshots and Clones etc. It is available only for non-commercial usage. At home, I’m pure Linux user and need […]

LoTW and Linux

As you probably know, me and Martin OK1RR are developing hamradio logging program for Linux – CQRLOG. I would have LoTW suport in CQRLOG, so I decided to do it into version 0.6.0.