Activity from OKFF-2067 – Písčina u Tišic

On the first day of the year, I had my first activation. It was a sunny day, and I was excited about spending some relaxed time on the radio. The location was conveniently close to my home, just about a 30-minute walk away. When I left home, the weather was great – sunny with hardly any wind. However, as I got closer to the activation area, the weather suddenly changed for the worse. The wind got stronger, and the temperature dropped a lot. Despite the bad conditions, I was determined to make some QSOs, and for the first time, I wanted to film the activation.

For the first time, I wanted to try out some new things – a tripod, a camera, and a new rucksack I received for Christmas. Setting up the tripod with the camera went well, and I didn’t encounter any problems. However, putting up the antenna was a bit tricky, but eventually, I managed to get it secured on a high branch. Once I had everything set up, I turned on the radio, but I quickly realized that the signal conditions were poor. Despite trying to make calls several times without any response, I decided to message a group of OKFF activators we have on WhatsApp. After that, stations started responding, but their signals were weak. After about 30 minutes, I only managed to make 10 contacts, and I was feeling really cold. The weather got worse – the wind picked up, the sun disappeared, and the temperature dropped quickly. Despite only making a few contacts, I decided to pack up and head home. And to top it off, it even started snowing!

In the end, the activity finished well. I had some time to relax and discovered that the new tripod is great, but the camera isn’t very good. Next time, I’ll have to use a different device for shooting, maybe an older Android phone.