"I'll give up CW when I'm dead! MAYBE!" (Rick, KC8AON)

Activity from OL/ZL-112 – Kuchařiny

We visited our parents in the Moravia region because my mom celebrated 65 years birthday. We spend almost a whole Friday preparing food and other stuff for the celebration that should be the next day. The GMA OL/ZL-112 is very close to my parents’ home – about 2km on foot. The weather was beautiful, the […]

FOC Marathon 2022

This Maraton was great! Thanks to my family I could spend most of the weekend on the air. Unfortunately, no beams here, only multiband vertical at about 28m (84 feet), dipoles for 20/17/15m in the same height and sloper for 80/160m. Pictures are on https://www.hamqth.com/ok2cqr.

Activity from OKFF-0467

The first activity this year was on a sunny morning with my son Petr. I used KX3 with an EFHW antenna on a tree. Finally, I made 57 QSO. The weather was superb but after midday, it gets worse, even started snowing. Propagation was quite good, I made QSO all over Europe. 

SFLE – Simple fast log entry

Simple fast log entry – a tool to enter QSO from your SOTA/GMA/WWFF activations and create the ADIF file – everything just in your browser. It allows you to enter QSO very quickly using a simple syntax. Data are stored only in your browser. The website does not collect any data about you. I was […]