Activity from OKFF 3293 – Labe – Liběchov

For the first time, I tried to log the QSO directly into my SFLE utility on my mobile phone. It didn’t work well, and I apologize to all the stations that had to wait. I had problems with the wrong keyboard selection, had to enter the QSO time manually, and dealt with other issues. However, it was a good experience, and I already have some ideas on how to improve the SFLE or create a new utility to log QSOs from WWFF in real-time.

The weather was superb with a blue sky and almost no wind. I found a really nice spot, and the antenna deployment went well. I needed only three attempts to hit the right branch. The signals were strong, and the activation was fun. I finally made 55 QSOs. It’s very convenient to have a log ready to upload after the activation. There’s no need to copy the QSOs from paper to the computer.

There are a few pictures from the activation:

Video from the activation: