Activity from OKFF-2776 – Žerka

After a very busy week spent mostly behind a desk, I needed some time alone in nature. This year, I want to visit 10 new OKFF areas. This is the first one, and I have never been here before.

The weather was beautiful with a blue sky. Unfortunately, the wind was quite cold and very strong. During my activation, it got even stronger.

It took about 40 minutes by car to get to the village of Strážnice, and about 20 minutes on foot to find a nice spot for the antenna deployment. As always, I used a 20-meter long EndFed on a tree. The antenna deployment was a little tricky because the wind was so strong! It took three attempts to deploy the antenna.

I wanted to capture a video of the activation, but the wind was so strong that it was very hard to hear the stations calling me. I decided to use only a few minutes of the video because listening to the strong wind is not comfortable.

When I started, the propagation was not good, but it got better and I was lucky to make 62 CW QSOs.

There are a few pictures from the activation.

And the video: