"I'll give up CW when I'm dead! MAYBE!" (Rick, KC8AON)

Website moved to WordPress

I had been using Joomla for many years despite problems with security, plugins, extensions, etc. I would move to WordPress sooner I was afraid of how much work it will take.This holiday I had strong flu and had to stay in bed – a great time to do some boring work with moving my personal […]

Website is running on HTTPS

A few minutes ago, I moved page to https. The certificate is from LetsEncrypt. There are a few files available through HTTP because of backward compatibility with older versions of CQRLOG.

New website

I spent lot of time developing CQRLOG and HamQTH and didn’t have time to update my personal website. It took me some time but now it’s finished. The website is running on Joomla 3 with a bootstrap template. It should be responsive and faster than before. Now I can write a few new articles and post them more […]

Web page moved

I had been using Drupal for over 7 years. Unfortunately after recent upgrade to version 7.0 it completely crashed. I was not able reinstall or revert changes (except restore from backup). Every attempt to upgrade Drupal ended with red html page with tons of errors. My wife has been using Joomla for several years, so […]

Fake profile at HamQTH.com

I feel very sad. When I put HamQTH.com online, I didn’t think that somebody creates abuse profile for other hamradio operator. Nick, UY0ZG noticed me that his profile is a fake. Disgusting fake profile with nasty photo and a lot of craps.

LoTW WAS finished!

I finally finished my LoTW WAS! I still didn’t QSO my last state – Wyoming. Today was lucky day for me, because I made QSO with Dwayne, WY7FD from WY. QSO is already confirmed and I also send the application. I’m very happy. It took me quite long time to complete my WAS award.

Majitel seznamu

Už nějakou dobu si čtu blog majitele Seznam.cz. Je jím Ivo Lukačovič, blog najdete na adrese http://ilblog.sblog.cz/. Narazil jsem na www.stream.cz na záznam rozhovoru ze Švandova divadla (http://www.stream.cz/video/31/15246-ivo-lukacovic-zaznam-ze-svandova-divadla). Velmi doporučuji se na něj podívat.

Nové stránky spuštěny

Dneska jsem spustil nové stránky. Stránky využívají redakčního systému Drupal. Už mě nebavilo po přidání čehokoliv editovat HTML a PHP kód. Doufám, že nyní bude na stránkách více nových článků a informací.