Fake profile at HamQTH.com

I feel very sad. When I put HamQTH.com online, I didn’t think that somebody creates abuse profile for other hamradio operator. Nick, UY0ZG noticed me that his profile is a fake. Disgusting fake profile with nasty photo and a lot of craps.

I deleted the profile and didn’t have any chance to find out the IP address of person who created that. It was registered when I had HamQTH on old server and don’t have Apache logs. This morning the profile was registered again and I find out that someone with ip addresses like and did that. Both addresses are from Ukraine. I also checked the log if someone with real login name and password used HamQTH from that IP in the past and found nothing. Now, what I sould so? I feel really sad. I can’t check all profiles. HamQTH has over 8 000 registered users.

Finally I made a deal with Nick, UY0GZ and put his real address to HamQTH and also blocked the UY0GZ account to prevent fake user to change it. If you find any user’s profile which will look strange, please let me know. Thank you for your help!