CQRLOG 0.9.4 released (2010-07-20)


  • statusbar in QSO window could be disabled (good for netbook users)
  • program restart after DXCC tables update no longer needed
  • QRZ.COM icon search added to the ‘QSO list’ window toolbar
  • QRZ.COM icon search added also to the ‘New QSO’ window to search working station
  • LoTW users visible while working a station (a dedicated icon)
  • window with CW keys added
  • color marked DX cluster spots of LoTW users
  • LoTW confirmed countries now visible also in DX cluster
  • QRZ.COM search – fixed
  • calls were imported in lower case as it was in ADIF file – fixed
  • CQRLOG crashed while saving QTH longer than 60 characters

Download here.