Our the first SOTA this year – OK/ST084 Ladvi

After days of cold weather and rain we have sunny weekend so we decided to go to a trip best online casino australia fast payouts. A day before, I charged my accumulator and prepared all necessary equipment. Next day, on Saturday sunny afternoon I put it into rucksack and we were ready to go.

From Neratovice it is not so far a way. I drove only about 15 minutes and we were in Dablice. We left car on a parking place and continued on foot. The way went throught a nice forest and around very small lake where people left dogs to swim. Very nice landscape, indeed. After 40 minutes or so, we came to the top of the hill. Sons were playing and I started to unpack my station from rucksack. It didn’t take long time and I was on the air. First QSO was with Ilrich HB9CGA, the second was with Jirka, OK2BDF/P from SOTA OK/VY-040. And after this QSO big pileup started. A lot of station were calling. It was really amazing! After about 30 minutes and 32 QSO later, I closed my station and we went back. My wife took a few photos.

Me and the younges son Daniel on a parking place Portable hamshack with Daniel and Franta
In QSO … Preparing cables …
Another QSO … Daniel
Franta (older son from twins) Petr
My operating position wasn’t so comfortable … Daniel
My wife Misa with Daniel  

I made these QSO (qsodate: 2011-05-07):

time_on callsign freq mode name
13:04 HB9CGA 7.0315 CW Ulrich
13:05 OK2BDF/P 7.0315 CW Jirka
13:06 DL6KVA 7.0315 CW Axel
13:08 S53EO 7.0315 CW Milos
13:08 HB9BIN 7.0315 CW Juerg
13:09 F5JZG 7.0315 CW  
13:10 HB9MKV 7.0315 CW Rudolf
13:11 OE8SPK 7.0315 CW  
13:11 DL3JPN 7.0315 CW Steffen
13:12 DL3VTA 7.0315 CW Michael
13:12 OK1KL 7.0315 CW Vaclav
13:13 G3VXJ 7.0315 CW Bob
13:14 HA5CW 7.0315 CW Jozsef
13:14 DL6FAX 7.0315 CW Hans
13:15 DL6CMK 7.0315 CW  
13:16 DL8AWK 7.0315 CW  
13:16 S57EA 7.0315 CW Miran
13:17 DL2EF 7.0315 CW Frank
13:17 DL7VKD 7.0315 CW Dieter
13:18 IK3GER 7.0315 CW Paolo
13:18 OK1FMG 7.0315 CW Slavek
13:19 DK1IO 7.0315 CW Rein
13:20 S52ON 7.0315 CW Miro
13:22 HA5TI 7.0315 CW Bischof
13:22 DL8OK 7.0315 CW Harald
13:23 DL2DXA 7.0315 CW Bernd
13:24 DL5MO 7.0315 CW Thomas
13:25 OK1DVM 7.0315 CW Mirek
13:27 DL8YR 7.0315 CW Peter
13:27 S58R 7.0315 CW Rado
13:30 OM7OM 7.0315 CW Milan
13:31 OK1NR 7.0315 CW Jan


My rig was FT-817 with Z100 autotuner from LDG, antenna was 10m of wire on a tree.