Activity from OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky

My wife with sons wanted to collect some mushrooms this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t know mushrooms at all, I don’t dare to collect anything because I’m sure I would poison myself. But I can choose a place that would be interesting for me – the new OKFF area. I choosed OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky. It’s in a large forest and I’ve never been there before.

The weather was superb despite the forecast, sunny with a few clouds in the sky. My rucksack is ready to go, I have to add only the radio and that’s all. This area is about 30 minutes drive from our home QTH. The rest of the family started to collect mushrooms, I found a very nice place with height trees for antenna deployment.
This activation didn’t start well. I have an arborist throwing bag with a feed line to deploy the antenna to the highest branch possible. After I deployed it to the height brach, it stuck there and I could not get it back to the ground. I tried everything but without any success. I lost it. I had to deploy the antenna to smaller tree. That was not the end of the troubles. After a few QSOs, my keyer was reset, and swapped the paddle! It started to send dashes with a thumb. I had to stop everything and search on the Internet for how to return it to the correct settings. It took some time and the pileup was lost. I’m sorry to all stations who called without any response.

Thanks to all statations for the patience. Finally, I made 58 QSO and the rest of the family found a lot of mushrooms.