QCX QRP Transceiver

I ordered this excellent QCX QRP TRX from QRP Labs (40m band version) at the beginning of December 2017 and had to wait almost two months but finally got it. Order volume of this kit was (and is) extremely high. You’ll get very good radio for very low price. Especially the RX is really good.

I had only limited time, so it took me two weekends to put the radio together. First weekend my the youngest son Daniel helped me a bit. He was very interested in soldering and building the radio. I hope he will enjoy hamradio also when will be older. Next weekend I finished the rig and also made some QSO. The receiver is excellent and I really like it.

Unfortunately I have a problem with CW keying – using Curtis A and it looks like the auto space is still enabled even when is disabled in the menu. Keying with home paddle was almost impossible because the firmware probably doesn’t have any algorithm to deal with low quality keying contacts. With my HexKey it will be much better but still suffer with the auto space problem. Hopefully it will be fixed, soon. I wanted to use this rig without any external keyer but right now, it’s not possible.