New antennas installed!

It took almost a year. I had to use sloper for 80M for all bands but finally, new antennas are installed. It took us almost 3 days to install everything including all cables etc. I could not do that without help from my daddy Franta, OK7WA, and my friend Zdeněk Faltýn who took most of the photos.

The first step was to install a set of dipoles ZRD 14+18+21 from Jirka, OK5IM on a dedicated holder. Installation was quite easy. We also added a Diamond X-200 for 2M/70cm bands.

The next day we installed GP7DX vertical from Waldek, SP7DXP. It’s a new version, it does not require guy wires for wind but we added it to be sure. In my QTH there are very strong winds and I don’t want to have the new antenna broken. The new version of the vertical should handle more power than the previous version.

Antenna switching uses a great antenna switch designed and built by Karel, OK2ZI.

On the third day, we installed a sloper for the 80M band. Installation was complete, all antennas are now working and I’m back on the air.

My daddy OK7WA with the new antennas:

So right now I have these antennas:

80M sloper, unfortunately, it does not work on 160M

40M – 6M multiband vertical about 28m above the ground

dipoles for 20/17/15M about 26m above the ground

X-200 for 2M/70CM about 29m above the ground