Elecraft KX2 on my desk

I’m so happy to have this radio on my desk! I sold TS-590SG to have enough money to buy it. I don’t regret it at all. It took almost six months to new radio arrived. KX2 will be my radio for portable activities like GMA and OKFF. I’m looking forward to my first activation with this new radio.

After a short unboxing I connected new radio to my antennas. Everythong worked. I noticed that on 80M the KX2 has slight problem with tunning my sloper. KX3 finds 1:1 match but KX2 only about 1:2. It’s not a problem at all I will use KX2 mainly on 40M with EFHW atenna. There is not any issue with atenna tunning on 60M or 40M bands.