"I'll give up CW when I'm dead! MAYBE!" (Rick, KC8AON)

CQRPROP 0.0.8 has been released

After a long time, we have a new version of CQRPROP! There are no new features, just one bug fix – downloading images over HTTPS failed. The new version is available on GitHub, and packages for Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10 are almost ready on Launchpad.

Website moved to WordPress

I had been using Joomla for many years despite problems with security, plugins, extensions, etc. I would move to WordPress sooner I was afraid of how much work it will take.This holiday I had strong flu and had to stay in bed – a great time to do some boring work with moving my personal […]

Activity from OL/ZL-105 – Jílová

I thought that my last activity this year will be the activity from OKFF-2010. Our twins wanted to celebrate their birthday with grandma and grandpa, who live in the Moravia region. The celebration was planned for the afternoon so I had a few hours to visit Jílová, again.

Elecraft KX2 on my desk

I’m so happy to have this radio on my desk! I sold TS-590SG to have enough money to buy it. I don’t regret it at all. It took almost six months to new radio arrived. KX2 will be my radio for portable activities like GMA and OKFF. I’m looking forward to my first activation with […]

Activity from OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky

My wife with sons wanted to collect some mushrooms this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t know mushrooms at all, I don’t dare to collect anything because I’m sure I would poison myself. But I can choose a place that would be interesting for me – the new OKFF area. I choosed OKFF-0720 Mokřady Dolní Liběchovky. It’s […]

Activity from OKFF-1292 Budačina

Our sons spent two weeks with grandmothers/grandfathers in the Moravia region. I activated this area the next day after we arrived there. Budačina is a special place for me. It’s close to the village I come from, we visited the place with my parents when I was a small kid. It’s really nice to be back. […]

Activity from OKFF-1910 Na Plachtě

The second (and the last) area was visited during our vacation. The rest of the family had fun on the ropes course and I could go a few hundred meters to the forest to activate the area. Again, the propagation was very poor, it took quite a long time to make enough QSO and have a valid […]