Trip to OK/ST-087 and everything got wrong


We had sunny weekend. On Saturday we were at open-air theatre. They played fairy tales. On Saturday we decided to go to another SOTA.

 I visited SOTA OK/ST087 last three years several times. So I didin’t expected any problems. On Sunday morning I started to charge my accumulator, prepare all necessary equipment. This SOTA hill is near Sedlec village which is about 15km from Neratovice.

We left our car under the hill where are the first houses and continued on food. It tooks about 30 minutes and we were on the top. I started to unpack radio, antena, LDG autotuner and all cables. I forget phones at home! It’s OK, I can live without phones. What was much worse when I turned on FT-817, accumulator had only 10V. Afer two QSO, TRX switched off. I turned it on, tried to send report and it switched off again! So I turned it on again and decreased power to 500mW. With this small power I made 8 QSO and lost pileup. My apologize to all station who didn’t hear me after I had to go to 500mW.

My QSO (qsodate is 2001-05-22):

time_on callsign freq mode name
14:27 IK3GER 7.031 CW Paolo
14:27 DL6KVA 7.031 CW Axel
14:28 HA5CW 7.031 CW Jozsef
14:30 HB9BIN 7.031 CW Juerg
14:32 S51ZG 7.031 CW Jesenko
14:33 DF5WA 7.031 CW Bert
14:35 F6FTB 7.031 CW Chris
14:36 Z35F 7.031 CW Blagoj


My wife took a few photos:



So I used FT-817, two first QSO with 5 Watts and other with 0.5W. Antena was 10m of wire on a tree.