My activity from Flora & Fauna areas

World Flora & Fauna program is very popular. You can work several stations from different areas every day. I was also active from three areas this year. Twice from a car, once with QRP FT-817.  My next activity will be with QRP directly from the area. Sitting in the car is not funny.

My first activity was on 27th of February from OKFF-01118. The weather was very cold with strong wind. I was active from my wife’s car with TS-590SG and INVEE antenna. Finally, I made 52 QSO and it was the first activation of the area.


The second activation was on 25 of June from OKFF-0467 and I used FT-817 with INVEE antenna. The weather was like in hell, very high temperature, no wind. I was sitting under a tree. My funniest activation ever, even to get to the place was a challenge.


The last activation was on 3th of July from OKFF-1058. I was in the car, the weather was very windy. Finally, I made 48 QSO with 100W from TS-590SG and INVEE as an antenna. I didn’t take any picture of my setup but after this activation,  I decided to use only QRP FT-817 in a rucksack and will move the area on food, no more from a car.