The king is dead, long live the king!

As I wrote in my previous post, my TS-930SAT died after the OKOM DX contest. Thanks to my friend Martin, OK1RR I have a new radio – TS590SG.


I bought TS-930SAT from OK1DXD in 2006. The condition was great, the radio had also matching speaker with audio filtration. Everything was working without any problem and I was really amazed. When our twins were 3 years old, they somehow turned on the radio, switched to FSK and hit Send button. The radio didn’t have any antenna connected and when I came home, I noticed that the radio is turned on but it’s not working. Very sad moment to me. It had to go to service and returned fixed but with one issue – on 30m band the output power was only about 50W. Fine, I could live with that but after a few weeks, the same output power was on 80, 40, 30 and 20m.

It took a few months to repair the rig. I could stay on the air thanks to my friend Dan, OK1HRA who borrowed me his IC-746. Thank you Dan! After a few months the TS-930SAT came back, it worked but the output power depended on the band. I had to take care and adjust it to 100W on every band by hand. Not so comfortable but it was working, unfortunately not for long. Finally, something happened and the radio died again. Dan borrowed me again his IC-746 and my friend Honza got the TS-930SAT to repair. He did it very well and radio was working like before sons turned it on! Excellent work Honza, thank you! Also big thanks to Dan, OK1HRA for his IC-746. Honza also noticed that sensitivity of TS-930SAT is lower, on 80m and 30m over 3S. The radio is old and something could happen any moment. I was born in 1982 and my TS-930SAT is from 1984! It’s older than my wife. Unfortunately something happened and radio died completely. It seems it’s something with power supply :(. TS-930SAT was great, I made over 20 000 QSO with it and really loved the RX and QSK. 

Thanks to Martin, OK1RR I have new radio TS-590SG. There are a few pictures from unpacking.

Box inside the box

The box with power supply cable and connectors

Unpacked radio on the box

Testing new radio for the first time.