OK/OM DX Contest in SO AB HP

My first contest in this category. Actually, it was not all bands, a few days before the contest, something happened with my sloper antenna for 80M. I used it also for 160M. All band category without two bands :).


The sloper worked also very well for listening on 40M. Sometimes very strong QRM appears in my QTH but when I switch to the sloper, it’s gone and band is very quiet again. Working on 40M was sometimes real pain … . Propagation was not good – only 47 QSO on 10M. It would be much better even with simple 3 el. beam  but vertical is only antenna I can put on the roof.


There are a few images from WinTest after the contest:


QSO by time


QSO by continents



It’s much better than last year when I had 633 QSO. L4-B PA helped a lot – 600W is much better than 100W. On 80M band used multi band vertical tuned with Z-100 auto tuner and 100W only. RBN reported quite good signal from Italy and England but made only 24 QSO. 


DXCC QSO count
UA(EU) 288
UT 71
W 65
UA(AS) 50
DL 34
SM 32
I 26
F 26
EA 25
HA 24
LZ 22
PA 19
YU 17
G 17
SP 17
LY 15
EU 15
YO 12
OH 12
UN 11
YL 8
JA 8
OZ 7
LA 7
VE 7
ON 6
CT 6
9A 6
EI 5
S5 4
EA6 4
OE 4
GM 4
4X 4
4J 3
! 3
HS 3
PY 2
HB 2
GD 2
TA 2
EA8 2
SV9 1
KP4 1
GI 1
ES 1
SV 1
CT9 1
A9 1
E7 1
HK 1
VK 1
9H 1
VU 1
Z3 1
HI 1
ZL 1
UK 1


I have to write something about QRP stations who called me in the contest. First, I really don’t understand why they added /QRP to their callsigns. Signals were weak and really don’t understand why make callsign even longer. I have nothing against QRP, I’ve had operated QRP only for a few years, still use QRP from SOTA but don’t know why I should add /QRP to my callsign. In the contest one of the /QRP stations called me. Signal was very weak and had a QSB. I asked three times to repeat the callsign and always got first three characters and /QRP. Nothing more because of QSB. I was very angry with it because he couldn’t send me only the suffix twice instead of stupid /QRP. Why?? I don’t care if he is using low power or 10kW, I need that QSO and even with weak signal, I’ll try to finish it.

OK/OM DX contest is over (WinTest running under Wine in Ubuntu 14.04)