CQRLOG 2.5.0 has been released

After a really long time, we have a new version. Packages for Bionic, Focal, and Groovy are ready to go. For the first time, there is also an official arm64 release. Look at Launchpad CQRLOG repository.

Most changes are done by Saku, OH1KH, and others. Thanks a lot! I added only a few small fixes. Next version I’d like to focus on code cleanup and other small improvements. CQRLOG has many features and it’s getting too complicated. I’d like to have an application that will be easy to use.

I spent the whole Saturday trying to create CQRLOG deb packages. It’s a real nightmare. I can’t spend a whole day creating and testing packages. Do you know anyone who could help us to create Flatpak, Snap and/or Appimage? It would be great to create a new CQRLOG release automatically or only with a few manual steps.

With this new version, CQRLOG has MariaDB as a dependency. I left MySQL because it was really hard to get it to work with data located in the home directory.

You can download the new version and look at the complete changelog in Download section.