CQRLOG 1.7.2 released!


  • after hitting ESC in any window opened from NewQSO, cursor will be returned to callsign edit field
  • frequency in New QSO and QSO list wondow is formated to 0.0000
  • added Help -> Keys and shortcut to menu in QSO window


  • RBN integration into GrayLine showed CW speed instead of signal strench – fixed
  • DXCC entity window didn’t show when compiled in Debian Sid and Ubuntu 13.10 – fixed
  • when CQRLOG was run for the first time, two mysqld proccesses opened the same database – fixed
  • upload to ClubLog didn’t work after enter QSO and delete – fixed (big thanks to Pawel, SQ5LTL)
  • TRX control window’s layout was broken with some font sizes – fixed

Download from http://www.cqrlog.com/download