CQRLOG 1.5.2 released!


  • added CTRL+W hotkey to send spots to dxcluster
  • DX cluster shows also country name next to the spot (must be enabled in Prefereces)
  • international characters in New QSO window should work again
  • DX spots with freq eqauls to the start of the band (21.000, 14.000 etc., usually notes) are ignored
  • HamQTH added to dx clusters list
  • fixed reading A-index (was 1 even when actually was 10)
  • /MM, /AM and stations with unknown DXCC country didn’t appear in bandmap
  • database update hangs
  • fixed xml request address of qrz.com
  • DXCC CFM count function didn’t uses eQSL cfm QSO
  • fixed reading mode from FT-920 (returned MEMO as VFO)
  • fixed bug in dxcluster caused program crashed randomly
  • program didn’t apply eQSL rcvd when the band was in lowercase

Download: http://www.cqrlog.com/download