CQRLOG 1.4.0 released!


  • freq is displayed in 10Hz resolution instead of 100Hz
  • Country name field into QSO list added
  • added OR symbol into QSL_S combo box (Online Request)
  • OK, Cancel and other buttons in filter window moved to the right to reduce window height
  • rig control rewrited to use rigctld
  • LoTW/eQSL users has the same background color also in bandmap
  • IOTA information inserted from HamQTH callbook
  • eQSL import error log is now stored into user’s home directory
  • added CTRL+I hotkey for ADIF import function (in New QSO window)
  • you can set different background color for eQSL and LoTW users
  • power wasn’t imported from ADIF file – fixed
  • QSLR field was sometimes empty even if QSO was confirmed – fixed


Download here: http://www.cqrlog.com/download