CQRLOG 0.8.0 released (2009-06-14)

Version 0.8.0 News:

  • program compiled in recent version of Lazarus
  • sunrise/sunset calculation added
  • continent field added
  • new qsl managers database support
  • WAC statistic added
  • WAS statistic added
  • summary to WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS statistics added
  • WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS statistics can be generated for specific mode and profiles
  • station list of confirmed contacts for WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS added
  • communication with fldigi added (you can switch CQRLOG to remote mode and it will receive and store qso from fldigi after saving)
  • if log enters to remote mode, it could run fldigi (it must be set in Preferences)
  • auto insert QSL manager from internal qsl managers database added
  • auto backup on program exit added
  • new splash screen
  • user defined default font color for xplanet spots added
  • details panel into QSO list window added (shows comment for QSO, award, lotw_qslsdate and lotw_qsrdate fields)
  • much better qsl_via resolution for data from QRZ.COM
  • State and County field auto filled from QRZ.COM
  • a few QTH Profiles window improvements
  • switching between radios with CTRL+1 for radion one, CTRL+2 for radio two (in New QSO window)
  • filter in bandmap according to dxcc country didn’t work
  • two radio operating fixed

You can download this version from CQRLOG webstite.