November Bill Windle QSO Party is over

I woke up at 4am, prepared breakfast, my favourite green tea and started to hunt FOCers. It was great fun. Finally worked with 142 FOCers on all 6 bands.

 My score was:

160m     3 QSOs

80m     40 QSOs

40m     49 QSOs

20m     29 QSOs

15m     20 QSOs

10m       1 QSO

A lot of FOCers on more then one band:

Three or more bands: DK0FOC (Joe), G4BJM (Fraser), K4LTA (Bill), KJ9I (Dave), KZ5D (Art), MD0CCE (Bob), N4AF (Howie), OK1RR (Martin), S57WJ (Gabor), SM5CCE (Kjell), SM5COP (Rune), W1AO (Joe), W4PM (Puck), W9RGB (Vic)

Two bands: DF4BV (Heinz), DK5AD (Knut), G3PJT (Bob), G3LIK (Mick), G3VMW (Steve), G3ZRJ (Tony), G4HZV (Bob), G4RCG (John), GM3JKS (Frank), GW3KDB (Pete), HB9QO (Bruno), K5RC (Tom), K7NJ (Rick), K8MFO (Don), LA5HE (Rag), N5KA (Henri), PA3CVV (Miles), SI6GM (Len), SM6CUK (Lars), W0UA (Geo), W0UCE (Jack), W5ZR (Bert), W8FJ (John), W8KJP (Del), WA1FOC (Bernie), ZC4VJ (Andy)

I met a lot of new FOCers (new for me). Thank you, it was a pleasure for me.