Activity from OL/ZL-105 and OKFF-1134 – Záskalí

On Friday, we returned from our vacation in Slovakia and headed straight to our grandparents’ place, where our sons will be staying for the next two weeks. They spend every holiday with them.

On Saturday morning, my youngest son Dan and I activated GMA near Kostelany – Jílová. I’ve been there many times before. The first time I visited the hill, there were no trees; it was just a hill with a beautiful view all around. However, now the hill is completely covered with tall trees, and you can’t see anything from the top.

Propagation conditions were quite poor, and I only managed to make 6 QSOs before deciding to head back.

After enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack, I took the car with my other son, Petr, and we drove to OKFF-1134 Záskalí. Petr had a great time with a metal detector while I searched for an ideal location to set up an ENDFED antenna. Luckily, I found a spot where the higher end of the antenna could be positioned about 9 meters above the ground. Propagation improved a bit, and within an hour, I made 46 QSOs. I believe I could have made more, but we had to return because the rest of the family already had plans for the afternoon.