Activity from OKFF-2311 Slaná louka u Újezdce

It was my first activity this year. Spring is finally here, the Sun is shining, and everything is getting green again. I was in this area a few years ago with my youngest son Dan.

It was a really warm afternoon. Propagation was quite bad, it took quite a long time for all QSOs to have a valid activation. Finally, I made 52 QSO on CW and one on SSB with my daddy OK7WA.

During the long winter evenings, I made a new EFHW antenna. It’s more compact and easy to deploy. Now I have two boxes – one with antenna, paddle and other accessories, the second with KX2, phones and electronic keyer.

The equipment is heavy – my rucksack has 11 kg (24 lbs). The battery has 3 kg (6.6 lbs), paddle almost 1 kg (2 lbs). The rest is for the radio, antenna with accessories, a bottle of water, etc. I should buy a lightweight paddle and battery to reduce weight.