Activity from OKFF-1954 – Netřebská slaniska

I visited this area with my dad, OK7WA, six years ago. At that time, I used the callsign OK7AN. So, this activation is new for both my old and current callsign OK2CQR. The weather was perfect for the activation – sunny, clear blue sky, and no wind.

This area is near my QTH. It took about 15 minutes by car to get there, and just a few minutes on foot to find a good spot to set up the antenna. I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get the antenna to the highest branch possible on my first try. The top of the antenna was maybe 8 meters above the ground. My radio setup remains the same – KX2 with a custom internal keyer and a paddle.

The propagation was really good that day, and I received many very nice reports. The incoming signals were also very strong. This time, I filmed the activation on my wife’s old Android phone. Unfortunately, there was an issue – the recording always stopped after 10 minutes, and I had to press the recording button again. I didn’t know about this before, so parts of the activation are not recorded. Next time, I need to find another application that doesn’t have this limit.

Activation video

My activation ended with 59 QSOs. I made 58 on CW and one on SSB with my dad, OK7WA. I relaxed a lot, sitting under a tree with the blue sky and the sun shining brightly.

I prepared a new antenna for this activation, which was made on a 3D printer by my son, Petr. Additionally, a winder for the antenna rope was also 3D printed.

Here are a few pictures: