Improving Morse Code Skills with The Martian by Andy Weir at Various Speeds

As you probably know, I love CW. It’s my favorite mode, and I enjoy having long conversations on the air. I’m already a member of the HSC and would like to join the VHSC. This requires more practice in both listening to and sending CW. Currently, I can understand about 70% of what I hear at 40 WPM. There is only one way to improve – listening to CW every day.

I read “The Martian” by Andy Weir a few years ago. It was an incredibly funny book, and when converted to CW, it’s still funny but becomes a bit challenging. You can practice listening to it at various speeds.

I’ve uploaded the recordings as video files on YouTube and also created MP3 files for download.

Enjoy listening to “The Martian” and improve your Morse Code skills!

MP3 files ready for download:

The Martian – 20WPM (469MB)
The Martian – 25WPM (387MB)
The Martian – 30WPM (243MB)
The Martian – 35WPM (196MB)
The Martian – 40WPM (228MB)
The Martian – 45WPM (194MB)
The Martian – 50WPM (139MB)
The Martian – 55WPM (97MB)
The Martian – 60WPM (159MB)

YouTube play lists: