• full eQSL support added (filter, statistics, export, import ...)
  • DXCC, WAS, WAC, ITU, WAZ and IOTA statistic improved
  • export QSO to CSV file for SOTA website added
  • option to show previous QSO with station that was /p, /m etc added
  • program now takes UTC time from the computer time
  • added new column "qslr" into QSO list where you can see symbols for paper QSL confirmed, LoTW and eQSL together
  • refresh button to propagation window added
  • files with LoTW and eQSL users list are part of DXCC tables
  • export in SQL console crashed when the field was NULL - fixed
  • button fixed
  • database update didn't affect QTH field - fixed
  • height and width was saved also for dialog (non-sizeable) windows - fixed
  • xplanet config file was always overwriten - fixed
  • GF in propagation windows was empty - fixed
  • QSL manager search in QSO list window didn't work - fixed
  • MM and AM station didn't get to bandmap - fixed



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